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This is our comprehensive review of Diffraction Glasses. Everything you will need to know before making your purchase should be listed here. If you have just stumbled across this page and don’t know what Diffraction Glasses are, you are in for a real treat. These amazing glasses are a very well kept secret.

Diffraction Glasses. What do they do? What are they for?

Whether you call them DIFFRACTION Glasses, PRISM Glasses, RAINBOW Glasses, FIREWORK Glasses, AURA Glasses, RAVE Glasses or GRADIENT LENS Glasses, GloFX Brand light Diffracting Glasses are the most advanced & fashionable on the market today. They are surely guaranteed to blow your mind at any visual event!

Diffraction Glasses are not ordinary glasses, they are equipped with custom light diffracting gradient lenses which split and multiply light to create the effect of rainbows exploding around you. These new glasses are fantastic anywhere but even more amazing in places with lots of light, for example, music events, fireworks or even just out on a well lit street.

Many of our customers take their Diffraction Glasses to music events, festivals and raves because of the magical effect they give the user in these places. Lights are brought to life by being broken into their spectral components; spectacular fusions of light are created.

The reason these glasses are so fantastic is that they bring the viewer “into” the show, and close the gap between person and stage. It helps the onlooker feel as though they are part of the show or event by actually enhancing the lights all on their own. In these places where there are lots of sound, lights and lasers etc. the beholder is taken to another planet entirely.

See the videos below using the glasses, notice how when the glasses are over the camera the lights are multiplied and seem to extend beyond the physical light fixtures. When wearing the glasses the effect becomes 3D and the lights seem to zoom around the user.

Videos really don’t do Diffraction Glasses any justice, but you might be able to get an idea of what they are about. The videos only show a shadow of the real effect; they cannot be compared to the intense bursts of colour flying around you!

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Suggestions for use

Firework shows, electronic and dance music events, concerts, raves, festivals, watch trippy videos, take them clubbing, wear them while sitting in the car as a PASSENGER and look at shiny objects in the sunlight.

Another little novelty is that they are a great conversation starter, first reactions are absolutely priceless. It’s awesome to see someone discover these awesome glasses for the first time.

So you might ask, do you actually need a pair of these amazing glasses? Simply put; yes, they are fantastic! Once you have them you really won’t want to be without them again!

A little bit of history

Although the technology has been around for a long time, diffraction grating has only recently been implemented into portable glasses for entertainment purposes. Diffraction Glasses began to gain popularity in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Originally used in paper or cardboard frames, they were typically used for children’s entertainment or to enhance light shows and events.

However in the past couple of years they have quickly entered a new market altogether…

The recent rise of electronic music and visual entertainment has meant that Diffraction Glasses have quickly gained popularity and become an essential accessory for all light shows, giving the wearer a unique and more immersive experience. They are a prime addition to any visual light show, and are quickly becoming increasingly popular.

The reason for this is that they bring the viewer “into” the show, and close the gap between person and stage. It helps the onlooker feel as though they are part of the show or event by actually enhancing the lights all on their own. The viewer is no longer a simple patron, but has the capability to alter and enhance any light show by simply putting on or taking off their Diffraction Glasses. These glasses are about to be huge! Be the first of your friends to get one. They are guaranteed to be at any and every music festival worldwide, and are surely to be popular at every dance music club, event, or show. Some say it is the return of the rave scene!

GloFX has helped lead the development of Diffraction Glasses by funding improvements in the manufacturing processes. This means GloFX are the most durable, of the highest quality, and they certainly provide the most diffraction on the market. There has never been a better time to purchase your own pair!

Further info

Although we call them by the technical name Diffraction, these glasses have managed to pick up many unusual nicknames which try to describe the crazy effect they produce.

They are also known as: Rainbow Glasses, Firework Glasses, Prism or Prizm Glasses, Rave Glasses, Aura or Aurora Glasses, Gradient lens Glasses, Fractal Glasses, Laser or Lazer Glasses, Acid or LSD Glasses, Reffraction, Refraction, Defraction, Deffraction, Difraction, Diffracting Glasses, Light diffraction glasses, Light show glasses, Cats eye glasses, Rave Glasses, Rave optics, Diffraction optics, Rave shades, Rave specs, Psychedelic glasses and many more.