Rainbow-FX Reviews

Rainbow-FX (Diffraction Glasses) Reviews

Back in 2013 when we started our company, selling trippy glasses to pay for our festival tickets we never thought we would find ourselves here now. Truly we are so grateful to our customers who have helped us grow our business to where it is today.

Ever trying to improve our service, in mid 2015 we decided to employ Reviews.co.uk to independently gather feedback from our customers.  The latest raw reviews are displayed on this page.

Diffraction glasses, what are they for?

Firework shows, electronic and dance music events, concerts, raves, festivals, watch trippy videos, take them clubbing, wear them while sitting in the car as a PASSENGER and look at shiny objects in the sunlight. First experience reactions are priceless so when your pair arrives be sure to show everybody you meet!

GloFX Diffraction Glasses are also known as Rainbow Glasses, Firework Glasses, Prism or Prizm Glasses, Rave Glasses, Aura or Aurora Glasses, Gradient lens Glasses, Fractal Glasses, Laser or Lazer Glasses, Acid or LSD Glasses, Reffraction, Refraction, Defraction, Deffraction, Difraction, Diffracting Glasses, Light diffraction glasses, Light show glasses, Cats eye glasses, Rave Glasses, Rave optics, Diffraction optics, Rave shades, Rave specs, Psychedelic glasses and many more.