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Who are Rainbow FX?

Rainbow-FX was established in June 2013 by Dan Holman, Henry Tottle and Jerry Griffiths. Our business was constructed solely to deliver innovative live music accessories to the UK population, our signature line of products being Diffraction Glasses. We have tested our competitors’ products so that you don’t have to. We chose to work with GloFX because they produce the highest quality products and like us, are able to provide excellent customer service. This means that you get the best quality first time, and with thousands of pairs already in our UK distribution office, we are ready to post your order straight away.

RainbowFX delivers exactly what its customers are looking for. You can count on us.

We are very happy to work closely with GloFX, the world’s leading manufacturer of High Quality Diffraction Glasses.

Event Promotions

We started this company because we love live music, we would almost certainly love to get involved with your event so please send an email to [email protected], we would love to hear from you! Read more HERE

Services & Wholesale

Are you looking for diffraction glasses in bulk for retail or interested in getting some diffraction glasses to enhance your event? Read more HERE

Why we do what we do:

I first heard about Diffraction Glasses on the internet, and after seeing a couple of videos I was intrigued enough to buy a pair. I ordered mine from overseas and they took forever to arrive, but when they did eventually turn up… WOW! Realizing how difficult they are to get in this country and how popular they would be once they got here I saw an opportunity to stock the UK with an exciting new product, and that’s basically how Rainbow-FX was born! With some spare time after university I put the resources at my disposal towards building a company which would let me travel to the events and festivals that I love with a selection of unique products which are sure to impress first time.Dan Holman BA - Founder of Rainbow FX

As an avid festival and concert goer I see my fair share of light shows, however I was not prepared when Dan offered me a pair of Diffraction Glasses. They’re awesome! Upon finishing my Music and Sound Technology degree at Portsmouth University I wanted a job that would let me carry on working in live entertainment venues, where I can share experiences with like minded people, and hopefully improve their night with some quality products.Henry Tottle BSc - Co-Founder of Rainbow FX

We aim to provide one central brand for raving accessories and visual events, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team of fantastic people. I am currently studying ‘BA HONS: Advertising & Brand Management’ at Manchester Metropolitan University.Jeremy Griffiths - Co-Founder of Rainbow FX

Contact us:

EMAIL: [email protected]
TEL: 07446975704

Or you can find us at:

Unit 4,
East Quay,

Glo FX