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  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
Sold Out
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,
  • GloFX Kaleidoscope-Goggles,

GloFX Kaleidoscope Goggles


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  • Kaleidoscope Goggles in a Chrome Plastic Frame
  • Real Glass Kaleidoscopic Lenses
  • High Quality Hard-Coated Chrome Plastic
  • Adjustable Elastic Band
  • Made in the USA
  • UK stock available for immediate dispatch

Surround yourself in a prism of reality with brand new Rainbow Kaleidoscope Goggles. Our Flat Back glass crystals offer a clear transmission of light for added clarity. These steam punk style goggles have a unique cyber look that will make you truly stand out at your next party, festival or rave. These goggles feature our high quality optical grade glass crystals that will send your vision into a prismatic rainbow for a truly immersive experience. By blocking out all exterior light, our Kaleidoscope Goggles provide an unparalleled experience that has to been seen in person to truly understand. With its adjustable headband and high quality chrome plastic, you can rest assured that your new goggles will stay put no matter how wild your night gets.

In stock, available for immediate dispatch from our UK office. These high quality Kaleidoscope Goggles feature 100% real glass lenses and are proudly Made in the USA!

When used improperly GloFX toys can be dangerous, please be aware that when using Diffraction and Kaleidoscope glasses your vision will be impaired. Do not wear GloFX glasses while driving or operating machinery, do not run or look directly at the sun while you are using our products. GloFX LED Orbits must be spun slowly and at a pace in which the forces they exert be controlled, our products can be dangerous toys when not used correctly. Under no circumstances will Rainbow-FX & affiliates be held liable for any damages or expenses by reason of use or sale of their products.


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Although Kaleidoscope Glasses are considered to have a similar effect to light diffraction, they are far different in many ways. The prism style optic of a kaleidoscope magnifies one image into many through a sophisticated multi-faceted crystal lens. This effect is more similar to that of a “bug eye” rather than the rainbow lines of gradient light diffraction. The strange shapes, colors, and angles of GloFX kaleidoscopic lenses create a warm mind blowing experience suited for the brightest imaginations. This sensational visual trip will stimulate your mind and body like never before, and quite possibly pull you into a state of trance. The word “Kaleidoscope” is of Greek origin having been derived from 3 words meaning “Observation of beautiful forms”.

A kaleidoscope is a tubular optical toy that contains beads, small pieces of glass, and other materials that reflect and refract light. When a viewer looks through one end of the tube, he or she will be greeted with a spectrum of random colorful patterns and moving psychedelic images. This is similar to the way our Kaleidoscope Glasses turn your world upside down into a vortex of rainbows.

Kaleidoscope effect glasses are, as the name suggests, eyewear that turns the user’s vision into a sea of wonderful colors and patterns. They are quite similar to “rainbow” glasses (or light diffraction glasses) that are very popular among rave-goers nowadays. But instead of diffracting white light into its component colors like a prism, kaleidoscope glasses uses reflection to magnify images, providing a visual experience like no other types of glasses can. This effect is created through a faceted glass crystal lens.

By simply changing the way your eyes interpret light and objects, you will change your entire perception of reality.