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  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
  • Round Tortoise Diffraction Glasses for a distinctive and high class look
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
Sold Out
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
  • Round Tortoise Diffraction Glasses for a distinctive and high class look
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk
  • Glofx Plaid diffraction glasses uk

GloFX Plaid Diffraction Glasses


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  • GloFX Plaid Diffraction Glasses
  • *Limited Edition*
  • Laser Etched Hard Plastic Diffraction Lenses
  • 3 Times the Diffraction of Competitors
  • Virtually Indestructible PVC Plastic Frame
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • UK Stock
  • Dispatch within one working day
  • Free stuff with every order of plastic diffraction glasses!

This revolutionary line of diffraction eyewear has set the standard for diffraction glasses enthusiasts’ worldwide! Shock your friends with these bold, breathtaking visual masterpieces. Grab a pair or two, before they are gone for good!

Rainbow-FX is the UK’s exclusive distributor of GloFX products. With thousands of pairs of these fantastic glasses already in our UK distribution office we are ready to post your order straight away!


When used improperly GloFX toys can be dangerous, please be aware that when using Diffraction and Kaleidoscope glasses your vision will be impaired. Do not wear GloFX glasses while driving or operating machinery, do not run or look directly at the sun while you are using our products. GloFX LED Orbits must be spun slowly and at a pace in which the forces they exert be controlled, our products can be dangerous toys when not used correctly. Under no circumstances will Rainbow-FX & affiliates be held liable for any damages or expenses by reason of use or sale of their products.


We dispatch all orders within one business day!

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Returns policy

We are happy to exchange or refund any unused and unwanted products within 14 days of purchase, as long as they are still in the as sold, from factory condition. We ask that customers returning unwanted items to cover any additional postage costs. In the unlikely event that a product is damaged upon arrival, please contact us immediately. You can trust in our fantastic customer service, we guarantee complete satisfaction or your money back! See full terms HERE.

Diffraction Glasses


Diffraction Glasses. What do they do? What are they for?

Diffraction Glasses are not ordinary glasses, they are equipped with custom light diffracting gradient lenses which split and multiply light to create the effect of rainbows exploding around you. These new glasses are fantastic anywhere but even more amazing in places with lots of light, for example, music events, fireworks or even just out on a well lit street.

Many of our customers take their Diffraction Glasses to live music events, festivals and raves because of the magical effect they give the user in these places. Lights are brought to life by being broken into their spectral components; minds are blown as spectacular fusions of light are created.

The reason diffraction glasses are so fantastic at events is that they bring the viewer “into” the show, and close the gap between person and stage. It helps the onlooker feel as though they are part of the show or event by actually enhancing the lights all on their own. In these places where there are lots of sound, lights and lasers the beholder is taken to another planet entirely.

Not convinced to try a pair? Then check out some of our diffraction glasses videos, notice how when the glasses are over the camera the lights are multiplied and seem to extend beyond the physical light fixtures. When wearing diffraction glasses the effect becomes 3D and you will actually feel completely immersed in the lights as they fly past you.

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Suggestions for use:

Diffraction glasses are a unique product which just keep giving, you can literally take them anywhere and everywhere! Some of our best suggestions for maximum trip would be: Firework shows, electronic and dance music events, concerts, raves, festivals, watch trippy videos, clubbing, wear them while sitting in the car as a PASSENGER and look at shiny objects in the sunlight!

Another brilliant novelty about these glasses is that they are such a great conversation starter, first reactions are absolutely priceless! We can’t explain how awesome it is to introduce diffraction glasses for the first time and watch someone discover new levels of visual stimulation. Once you have a pair of our rainbow glasses you really won’t want to be without them on a night out again!

I need more information!!

Whether you call them DIFFRACTION Glasses, PRISM Glasses, RAINBOW Glasses, FIREWORK Glasses, AURA Glasses or Trippy RAVE Glasses,  GloFX light Diffracting Glasses are by far the most advanced & fashionable on the market today, nothing else comes close. Read about diffraction glasses in our comprehensive guide, you may also like to read real customer reviews of our products.

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Established in the summer of 2013, Rainbow-FX is a specialist distributor and retailer of ‘visual enhancement products’ for live events. Our company is run by a small group of close friends who met and lived together at university, we share the same unique passion for attending concerts & festivals. Due to our commitment to providing both outstanding customer service and the best quality products on the market our company has grown quickly to become the largest distributor of diffraction glasses in the UK as well as a well known face across the whole of Europe.

We are privileged to work closely with GloFX USA, the World’s original & leading manufacturer of high quality diffraction and kaleidoscopic glasses. Don’t take a risk, choose GloFX brand products over cheap knockoffs, we promise that you’re going to have a better time! We deliver exactly what our customers are looking for, You can count on us. Read more about Rainbow-FX HERE, read some of our real customer reviews HERE.

Thank You!

We would just like to take a moment to thank you for visiting our website today. When we started our company, selling trippy glasses to pay for our festival tickets we never thought we would find ourselves here today, truly we are so grateful to our customers & suppliers who have made Rainbow-FX what is is today.