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  • Boom Boom Cinnamint
  • boom boom cinnamint energy inhaler
  • boom boom cinnamint energy inhaler 4
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  • Boom Boom Cinnamint
  • boom boom cinnamint energy inhaler
  • boom boom cinnamint energy inhaler 4



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What, why & when – Boom Boom

To people outside of the rave scene, Boom Boom may sound a little odd. However if you’re an experienced party goer, you will have probably seen people sniffing VIX inhalers at clubs, raves and festivals. It’s a great refreshing pick-me-up when you’re partying hard! What people don’t know is that VIX is pretty bad for you if you abuse it over a weekend.

We present to you an all natural, non harmful and much tastier alternative which comes from America. These things are absolutely perfect for those sweaty raves and heavy party sessions, Boom Boom can give you a ‘hit’ like nothing else, the blast of refreshing vapor will pick you straight up!

You’re not going to get a buzzing energy like you would from a Red Bull or Coffee, it’s more of a dynamic energy – You can use Boom Boom when needed as a quick pick me up. It’s really not a gimmick, try one out, we promise you aren’t going to be disappointed and your friends are going to be really jealous!

How to Boom Boom:

  1. Twist off the cap (Be sure to break the protective seal).
  2. Shake vigorously to activate the aromatic essential oils
  3. Place the open end of the BoomBoom Slightly inside one of your nostrils and inhale for 1-2 seconds
  4. Repeat with the other nostril
  5. Enjoy the sensations
  6. Teach your friends!
what is boom boom energy
what is boom boom energy
what is boom boom energy
what is boom boom energy
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We are privileged to work closely with GloFX USA, the World’s original & leading manufacturer of high quality diffraction and kaleidoscopic glasses. Don’t take a risk, choose GloFX brand products over cheap knockoffs, we promise that you’re going to have a better time! We deliver exactly what our customers are looking for, You can count on us. Read more about Rainbow-FX HERE, read some of our real customer reviews HERE.

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