Spend the summer working at music festivals with your friends!

Dear friends,

Rainbow-FX is now approaching it’s fourth birthday and festival season. As you can imagine the popularity of our products is increasing year on year and we seem to be spending more and more time during the day to fulfill your orders.

Back in 2013 when we started our business, we were just finishing university. We had all the time and many willing hands to help with travelling to different music festivals. As we have grown older our responsibilities have increased and we just don’t have the friends available who can commit to a full summer tour this year.

If the thought of spending the whole summer touring music festivals selling crazy glasses sounds amazing then please read on to the bottom.


What we would like to do is to offer a group of friends the chance to work at festivals this summer promoting Rainbow-FX and our event enhancing products. Ideally this will be a group of 3-5 friends who can commit to 5-10 weekends over the summer, this would suit university or gap year students with an interest in electronic music looking to have a crazy experience this summer.

A summer spent touring festivals involves allot of travelling, long days on your feet and many beers under the sun. When we go we do so with the aim of promoting our products and having fun, we would like to some friendly and motivated people who we can trust to uphold our brand.show500

From experience there is some money to be made, maybe just a few hundred per event (You really won’t be getting rich from doing this!) The biggest selling point would be the free festival tickets, the opportunity to meet people, the unique work experience selling our crazy products (Showing people diffraction is just the best!) and the arena camping! As the ideal candidates will be working independently without us on site, rather than offering a wage I would first like to offer this out as a business opportunity to a group of trustworthy but fun loving friends who can commit the summer. You will need transport, you will pay for your festival pitches and pay a deposit on the stock, any money made over the summer would be yours to keep.

Being a Rainbow-FX brand representative will suit outgoing and friendly people who enjoy electronic music festivals and raves. Festival weekends will start as early as Wednesday as you must arrive before and leave after the festival attendees. We can coach you through every step, provide products which sell themselves, give you all the marketing material you could want and get you amazing pitches at the best festivals.

This is fantastic opportunity and we are so grateful to have been able to do the full tour ourselves the past 3 years. Due to festival regulations all applicants must be 18+. Only if you can commit a large chunk of your summer please apply in writing with details of your festival crew, motivation to work with us and relevant experience to [email protected] Due to the complex nature of the opportunity please bear with us at it may take some time to reply to each application individually.

Founder- Dan