The Alternative Festival Accessory Guide

Now we’ve all seen the countless number of festival equipment guides over the past few years, all recommending items such as; Tents, Wellies, Sleeping bags, Deodorants, Waterproofs and whatever else you might need to survive a festival. Experienced festival goers like you and me already know the basics, you already know the essential items you need to cope at a festival. Here are a few items and tricks you might not have thought of before but will definitely benefit your experience so that you can have fun even in the most testing festival conditions!

festival mud


1. Tinder

The ultimate app to meet people looking for a naughty encounter at any UK music festival. Although tent sex is undeniably dirty it seems like a right of passing for anyone who who attends festivals, Tinder is a revolution in helping people hook up at these events (Why do you think the mobile internet is so bad at festivals? Because everyone is swiping right!) But seriously guys, never have sex at a festival with someone you just met five minutes ago without a condom. Ew.


2. A Note In Your Wallet And In Your Phone Case

You would not believe the amount of phones and wallets we have found and handed into lost property during our time working on site at festivals, personally I really don’t understand how some of you are so shit at keeping hold of your valuables!  For gods sake, write some little notes with your contact details and put it in your wallet and phone case so that the security/ lost property/ festival goers can contact you if your belongings turn up. Makes sense yeah?


3. Recovery formula

Many of you (Us) do things at festivals which you might not otherwise do on a regular night out…  sure you’re going to ‘have the best night of your life’ over and over again but when it’s all done your likely to crawl back to your tent feeling like someone has stamped on your head and that life will never be good again. Recovery Formula is a good way to kick comedowns that might otherwise ruin your festival experience. We here at Rainbow-FX recognise hangovers and comedowns to be a serious issue in preventing you guys from having fun at festivals hence we looked to stock products to help you with this.

Introducing Raveolution Recovery Formula, an all in one comedown/ hangover cure which arrives to you in the form of a powdered energy drink. After your heavy night out (Evening before sleep or morning after wake up) Simply open the packet, pour the powder into 8-16oz water, stir it up and then enjoy a hydrating pick me up which contains a specially formulated set of ingredients proven to assist detox and speed up your recovery from any party substances you might have recently consumed. (This product is specifically produced for those of you who like to dance and chew all night)
4. Fancy dress costume

An instant festival win, you can be anyone you want to be and you’ll be the best friend to many over the weekend. This works amazing if there is a group of you all doing it but is just as fun if there are one or two of you. I’ve seen so many amazing outfits over the past few years, guaranteed to have you and others smiling all day long. The perfect way to to stand out from the crowd!

A flag shaped liked giant knickers with the slogan 'I love Tom Jones' flies amongst other flags during singer Tom Jones' performance at the Glastonbury Festival 2009 June 28, 2009. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

5. Festival Flag

An invaluable item that can be used to help you find your tent when you’ve had that one beer too many. No longer will you spend hours trying to find your tent in the dark! Also great at certain festivals for taking into the arenas, be sure to check out the events rules and regulations as some do not allow flags on site. You can get custom flags printed online for under £30, go ins with your festival crew and create something really fun.

6. Mobile Phone Charging Pack

I know these are recommended everywhere but there is no underestimating the importance of having one these  hidden away in your tent. Your mobile phone will run out of battery at some point, there is no denying it and your probably going to end up spending as much as one of these packs cost to charge your phone on site anyway. With these packs being lightweight and portable, you will able to carry on filming your festival antics with no worries. Make sure that you pick one with some good reviews, we have heard many stories of phone batteries getting ruined over a weekend by using crappy battery chargers.

7. Stash Pants

Stash Pants are a great way of securing your naughtiness powder pills in a place where the sun doesn’t shine and where festival security really aren’t going to want to check. Don’t be that guy who spends as much on powder as they do on the ticket and then loose it all and cry all weekend.


8. Diffraction Glasses

The most amazing product to come to the festival scene in 50 years, put on a pair of GloFX diffraction glasses and be immersed in a spectrum of colours which makes you feel like you’re in a different world.  They add new meaning to the phrase ‘sound to light’ as they are guaranteed to improve and enhance any festival laser light display. Speaking from my own experience at many festivals wearing these, diffraction glasses add that something special to any light show, truly immerse yourself in the moment and dance the night away.

Another understated benefit is that they are an amazing way of introducing yourself to people. The simple “try these on”  tactic instantly leads to festival friendship as you get to be there when they see diffraction for the first time.

If you want to find our more about diffraction glasses then check out our web store – we are the exclusive UK distributor of GloFX glasses, we even do trippy kaleidoscopic goggles now!

9. Ear plugs

Many of you will turn your noses up at this recommendation but using ear plugs enables you to hear the music and feel the bass without ruining your ears. Did you know you can ruin your hearing at just one event? After attending a prodigy gig in Bournemouth a couple of years ago and having ringing ears for two weeks after I never go to a concert without my ear plugs anymore, believe it or not – the music actually sounds better with them! An effective but inexpensive brand which we would recommend are Earpiece, look them up.

glow sticks

10. Glow sticks

Completely underrated but so so so much fun, be sure to buy them before your festival to avoid paying extortionate rates on site.


Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions to add to our list please do comment!